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Read Entire Article1031 Tax Deferred Exchange: Dodging the Capital Gains Tax Demon: With the recent decline in the stock market, some savvy investors have turned their attention to the profitable real estate market. Many of them have discovered a powerful tax strategy, the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 tax-deferred...
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Read Entire ArticleWhy Depreciation is the Best Tax Deduction: If you qualify as a real estate professional who spends at least 750 hours per year, or more than 50 percent of your working time in qualified real estate work, and if you "materially participate" in managing your investment property, there is no limit to the allowable tax deductions from your...
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Read Entire ArticleAnother Summerville Attraction: A Balanced Tax Policy and Lower Cost-Of-Living Are a Refreshing Change From Many Other States. South Carolina’s income tax structure follows federal income tax laws, allowing the same adjustments, exemptions and deductions with only a few modifications....
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